Lionel Deanes

Amazing! I first encountered Spanish Fusion thru Instagram. Their videos taught me so much so when I found out they had a podcast and even a website, I was very eager to continue learning in depth with them. The podcast is amazing and very clear. I listen to episodes in...


Excellent Spanish podcast. The conversations between Ángela and Mariana are interesting and easy to follow. Their explanations of grammar have reminded me of things I had previously learned but forgotten. Absolutely helpful!


“Ángela is an enthusiastic, intelligent Spanish teacher, who teaches her students with dedication, joy and passion. I have been taking classes with her for over 18 months already. During this time, I have learned a lot about the Spanish language, culture and country. If I would have to decide for...


“The podcast is perfect for me! The Spanish words used and the pace of conversation was easy to keep up with, so it's nice to listen and learn at the same time. Also what I really like is that you get to hear two accents, the one from Spain and...


"The course is very interesting, especially for those who are looking to learn in a fast, effective and fun way a Spanish that can be used in airports, hotels, restaurants, bars and any other place you visit on your vacation in Spain or Latin America. I highly recommend it!"


“Mariana is an outgoing teacher, patient, she's very insightful and is always ready to adapt her lessons to my needs. Her classes are fun, effective and engaging.”

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