Meet your Teacher
from Spain

Hello! My name is Ángela. I was born in Granada (Spain), but I currently live in
a small town on the coast of Almeria (Spain). Before I started teaching Spanish as a foreign language I was working as a physiotherapist, but as I didn't feel happy, I decided to turn my life around and embark on what was - and still is - my true passion: teaching my language.

Therefore, I prepared myself (I received the International House Certificate
"Specialist in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language" in IH Madrid, an
accredited Centre of Instituto Cervantes, certified also by IL3 Universitat de
Barcelona) and finally in 2018 I created "Ángela Spanish Online". Since then,
in addition to creating audiovisual material for social networks, I have worked
with hundreds of students from all over the world, some of whom have been
attending my one to one Spanish classes and practising with me for several
years now.

I also participated in the first season of the podcast "Conexión hispana podcast" and wrote the book "¿Por qué la edad es importante en la carrera profesional" (with Allan Nielsen, Editorial Círculo rojo, 2021).

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